an interaction on Islamic theology with Dr Umar Farooq Abd-allah

kaamil Art Circle invites you to an interaction on Islamic theology with Dr Umar Farooq Abd-allah this Sunday.We will have an interactive discussion about Dr Abd-allah’s work, which is in the area of Islamic theology and the ethnography of Muslim settlers and Muslim converts in the United States of America.We will also touch upon issues of visual representation and artistic and cultural production in contemporary Muslim culture in America.

Dr. Umar Abdullah is a scholar in residence at the Nawawi Foundation in Chicago, an institution dedicated to research and outreach in the area of Islamic studies and Islamic culture in America.His doctoral work was in the area of the origins of Islamic legal theory, called ‘Malik’s Concept of ‘Amal in the Light of Maliki Legal Theory’.His other work includes ethnographic studies of Islam in America namely, publications a  biography of Mohammed Webb (d. 1916), who was one of the most significant early American converts to Islam called ‘ A Muslim in Victorian America: The Story of Alexander Russell Webb‘ (Oxford University Press), and ‘Roots of Islam in America: A Survey of Muslim Presence in the New World from Earliest Evidence until 1965‘.

The talk will be at a restaurant called Zouk in the Fraser Town area at 11am on Sunday the 11th of September 2011.Please call me at 8951675038 for details.