writing reconnaissance 2

The experience of making this show has been invaluable.When I set out to do the show I wanted to create cultural energy, around issues that rankled me greatly two months ago, as much as they do now, gender and the lack of feminist energy, race and racism and the people that hold positions of power in India.

Finding is the first act-

The second: loss-

Third: expedition for the golden fleece-

Fourth-no discovery-

Fifth- No crew-

Finally, no Golden fleece-

Jason- sham- too

The opening was an experience and my process is heavily reliant on other processes.For the opening I decided to mix some songs and create a track. Then, considering I had never made a track before and turned up at the gallery with material for the installation a little less than two hours before the opening, I was left with enormous frustration about trying to put this track together .Since it was the special day, we had some frills provided by a special drink and so on and propelled by enormous pressure and inertia I finally decided to dump the mix and play the tracks in multiple players on a lap-top owned by the studio. One has to take a little time out think about success and acting energies which lead to the making of a work of art , leave alone its success or failure. The performance in my work emerges out of a collective energy. The idea to open with ‘Identify Yourself’, the first level in the labels paradigm came about because the show was nine days long and there were five performances through the length of the show. At about the time of opening we lost power. I decided to bring some candles and begin with an Emily Dickenson poem that related to my work, the show opened with Janet Burchill and Jennifer Mc Camley who worked on no. 870 from Emily Dickenson’s poems, translating it and trying to analyse the effect of the translation on poetry.

This was what the invite to the show said:

 ‘reconnaissance 2’ is a community performance installation which can take youthrough an experience about identity involving affirmation,contextualization, choice, declaration, confrontation and catharsis.

 It builds on ‘Reconnaissance’, which was the first physical manifestation of the labels paradigm.labels is an arts and entrepreneurial project about dealing with identity in a globalising world which holds locked within it a process held together by a progression of its five levels, ‘Identify Yourself’, ‘The Grid’, The Zone of pure choice, ‘Trafficking labels and ‘Puncturing labels’.

 Using interactive performances sprawled over the length of the show as a medium we will attempt to take the process forward inviting people  to work out the labels process using theatrics,performance, movement, music and dance.

So here’s inviting you to it.Attached to this mail is a flier of the show.Also, attached to this mail is a black and white copy of the poster, which, in keeping with the community aesthetic, you could print out and paste and circulate. Please also do share the flier.

 Every show generates insights and this one has left me thinking about how things are performed, and to whom; and how the very act of thinking can be performance, and how in India you are always left thinking about power.

This one like the last was thinly attended by marked a milestone in the process.The installation was finally realised on the third day, something of a minor miracle; with elemental epiphanies about narratives and the reality that they can create using the recorded sound pieces, and the immense possibilities they can have when they’re taken into live performance.I put together the sound pieces that embody the labels levels using mp3 players I got from a duty free bazaar.

The course of the show was slow.I was sometimes left using the gallery as an office space, a studio space which it is, as a transmitter and  receptor for online relay…

Another interesting idea that I had for this show is taking it to a night club for one night and working with sound-scape and lights there to create an immersive and fun-filled experience that speaks about identity and oppression about identity which didn’t work out but I hope that it will happen in the next few shows.