integrated art programs for children, using art history as a metaphor

See Vivekanada Art Class at Google Art Project

This is an idea that I’ve been thinking about through two projects, one was with an associate of A.R.T, or Art, Resources and Teaching, Bangalore, Tejasvi Jain, who wanted to work on an Art History curriculum or teaching module for children, and another with Golden Bead Montessori School in Bangalore where their principal, who I know as Anita wanted to develop a simple card module to teach art history to Montessori children.

The idea is to use human evolution as seen in art history and individual growth as metaphors in an integrated art history module or program to integrate art into learning curricula.

So the programme will trace the development of Art History through the various movements and will try to multi- posit the trajectories from time to time to vary cultures.

A lot of key art works can be used to inculcate and illustrate key moments in history.(contd.)