k a u n t e x t

I have some ideas about starting a literary and arts circle. The idea is to start with a reading and writing group and then widen the scope to other projects including design and performance, perhaps even support and philanthropy.

To flag things off and also test the waters, we could start with a weekly reading group.

The venue for the reading group is Feroze’s Terrace Garden. Mr Feroze Abdullah has so graciously volunteered his Terrace Garden to the Circle.

The address of course is

Ferozes’ Terrace Garden, Prestige Feroze, no. 74, Cunningham Road, Bangalore-560051.

ph: 40786786

For inquiries  call 080 41109392.This is the facebook event page.Please also  try to express interest through the internet or the phone if you are interested.See you there!

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