Urgent demand to bring Normalcy to Vadodara: Letter to Commissioner of Police by concerned citizens

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To Mr. E. Radhakrishan, Commissioner of Police, Vadodara.

Take concrete steps to bring normalcy in the city of Vadodara and take immediate action in the cases of assault on women by police.


A team of social activists visited some of the affected areas on 27th September 2014 on the request of affected people.  A detailed report of our visit is under process  but after visiting the area we have personally discussed with you and informed you about the role of Police, (particularly plain clothes police, also known as D Staff). The police should prevent violence and arrest those who undertake violence. Instead many people particularly women, complained about the verbal abuse and physical assault on them by police. The marks of injury were visible on their bodies. You had promised to look in to the matter and assured us that this will not be repeated.

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