kaamil Circle is an arts intitiative based in Bolpur/Shantiniketan, India. Shantiniketan or ‘Abode of Peace’
was set up by the poet and visionary RabindranathTagore and houses the
Visvabharati University among some of his other ideas for rural
development such as Sriniketan …

kaamil Arts Circle is a literary and arts circle with a focus on
performance. The idea also stretches to projects involving design,
perhaps even art support and philanthropy.

The name kaamil stems from the Sufi concept of ‘insan- al-kaamil’ or
perfect human-being propounded by Islamic thinkers and scholars like
Ibn Arabi and Al Ghazzali down to the poet philosopher Allama Mohammed

The idea came out of a dearth I saw in the art circuit for promoting
performance art and newer forms of performance which break out of the
proscenium mode and are emancipatory and look at the body in new ways.
I started with programming around multilingual (English, Urdu and
Kannada) readings of short stories/prose/plays/poetry, performance
art, music jams with aspiring, interested and established
musicians/singers/song-writers from various genres, interactive dance
and community theatre…

The fledgeling group is now more than a year old. We have until now
organised a talk by an American scholar, Dr. Umar Abdullah on ‘Islam
and art’( September 11, 2011), and have tried to host some other
events such as an extended interaction with German artist and scholar
Dr Alice Creischer, artist and curator who gave the Colab Goethe
lecture 2011 in Bangalore, which centers around two of her projects:
‘The Potosi Principle’ and ‘Apparatus for Osmotic Compensation of the
Pressure of Wealth during the Contemplation of Poverty’, on her rich
body of work which looks at issues relevant to the third world such as
migrant labour and poverty( July 2011) .

We hosted my show ‘reconnaissance 2’ at 1ShanthiRoad studio and
gallery ( July 2nd to 10th 2011).See

We began with a reading group, with Doris Lessing’s ‘The Golden
Notebook’, which has been somewhat active. The Golden Notebook is
looked at by feminists the world over as a key text that inspires and
fills a yawning gap in feminine consciousness and women’s political
thinking. It is a breathtaking novel not just in its intricacy but
also in the way that the political and the personal are so intimately
woven in its massive scope and breadth.Feminism and women centric
world views are centric to my art practice and this reflects in Doris
Lessing’s work, which to me needs to be read necessarily by women for
its political depth and relevance to the post communist, post-colonial
and democratic world.The reading group is blogged, as a reciprocal
exercise in examining its relevance in contemporary India and in order
to reflect on the book at
http://thegoldennotebookatkaamil.wordpress.com. The group hosts blogs
at https://kaamilartcircle.wordpress.com and for the reading group on
‘The Golden Notebook’ at

We have initiated a residency program and art fair here at Santiniketan for artists
who want to work on community and new media with an emphasis on
feminism and gender.See

We also have floated an idea to start an international feminist art
and literary festival.It’s pertinence arises from the fact that there
is a need for addressing personally and politically, the issues of
women, young and old today more than any other.

Set against the framework of communism and post-communism and
post-colonialism , the women’s movement and feminism in India has the
scope for addressing colored women’s and issues of women in post
colonial societies…

Also see https://kaamilartcircle.wordpress.com/about/

We are a new group and we request your guidance and support.Do let us
know if you are willing and would like to support us.

We would also like to be updated with news from you!

for kaamil,